About Us

Cross Comics is a christian based comic book company.

We love God first, people second and comics thrid

Mission Statement

Cross Comics exsit to provide a quilty alternative to maistream comics while also sharing the gospel in subtle and non subtle ways.

Vision Statement

Our vision here at Cross Comics is see people come to Christ through all we do by providing better and better product that all comic lovers will one day read.

Core Values

We here at Cross Comics belief the universe and all that is there in was created in 6 literal days by the one and only God Almighty.Some time after he created man and place him in the Garden known as Eden. It was in this garden that Lucifer (who had sometime before try to over throw God almighty but was completly unsuccessful in that endevavor) came to Eve through a serpent and beguiled her into eatting the only thing God had forbidden her and Adam to eat. After she ate she gave some to Adam and he ate. At this man fell from right standing with God. With God confronting them he banished them from the garden for sin had now been injected into the world through their disobedience. With God also promised that one day he send some to bring man back in right standing with himself. Now Adam and Eve had sons and daughters and thiers sons and daughters and sons an daughters and so forth. Now quite some time later mankind except one man had become insanly evil. With all that evil running rampat God had to do some thing and this who be to send a world wide flood to kill every living thing on land. Now as said one had not been corupted and that man was Noah and God said he would save him and his family from the coming destruction. This would be thourgh Noah building a huge boat and the boat would house him and 2 every kind of land animal. It took Noah about a hundred years to build the boat. When he was finished he his family and every kind of animal enter the boat God shut the door and started to flood the earth. Noah and his family were in the boat for about a year the boat came to rest on Mount Ararat. With Noah and his family the earth began to be repopulated. A man named Abram would be born some years later whom God would change his name to Abramham and who he would use to form the nation of Isreal from who the Savior of mankind would be born. This man is Jesus Christ who was born of a virgin lived a sinless life, died on cross and rose from the grave defeating death and paying the price for one to have right standing with God if only one would choose to due so.